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Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash (150ml)?

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25th May 2016

Thank you very much! It’s great to have an idea what sort of skin I might have. Given it gets oily often, even just through the course of a day / when not using the wipes I initially linked, I had always wondered if I have some sort of combination skin. But what you’ve said about dry skin also makes sense.

I’m not opposed to using cleanser… I’m slightly embarrassed as I suspect this is a very newbie mistake, but I thought wipes =/= cleanser, and now I’m guessing that’s not the case. I already have some of this in the cupboard, but tbh it sounds like the one you linked is better. Thank you.

Those wipes that you linked, unfortunately, it seems are quite a lot more expensive in the UK. Amazon UK sellers are putting them at 2-3x the price including postage, and a quick Google shows they’re generally hard to get at a good price (though I’ll do a more thorough look later). This is what I’ve found regarding some/the better-sounding wipes before 🙁