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Simple Designs LD1003-BLK Basic Metal Flexible Hose Neck Desk Lamp, Black?

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6th Apr 2017


Not joking. Start very simple and learn as you go. Single point direct lighting (no diffusing through a softbox or umbrella) will teach you a lot about intensity, shadows, glare, etc.

Then maybe move up to a pair of softboxes with single bulbs. After that you could get into gels or reflectors to add colour or change the colour temperature of the light.

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7th Feb 2016

Just bring the lamps with you, you can get fairly small ones with a socket in them that supports (not a typo) 660 watts, much higher than the “recommended” maximum of 60, for safety / lawsuit reasons. I’ve used a 200 watt in mine with no problem. They are not large, here: like the one I have. You can just take it with you.

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22nd Apr 2021

I am still pretty new to taking nice videos like this, so I really don’t know what I’m doing yet, but here’s what I use.

Light – it is about 90 degrees to the right from where the camera sits.


Background is a black bedsheet from WalMart that I hang where I need.

The raw video isn’t this clean, you can still see the background/floor a lot more. I edit it on my iPhone to clean up the background, typically by messing with the Shadows/Black Point settings. Hope this helps!

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25th Sep 2017

It does man. Reference no lighting , Reference lighting . It looks crisp af in 1080 too. This is my lighting setup two cheap desk lamps covered in baking paper.

Edit: Watched your latest vid. I noticed you do alot of full face-cam cuts like you said. Additional lighting will bring up the quality of the camera, but with deep zooms you will still get a somewhat pixelated picture, but not as bad as you have now. If you want crisp zoom ins, you’d be looking at a dedicated DSLR camera, possibly through a capture card if you want syncs to be easy, with additional lighting (additional lighting is a must), Regardless, i’d just get some cheapo lamps see if it brings up the quality if not start looking at dedicated cameras.

Two of these behind the monitor would be the way to go with if your strapped for space, just remember to put in high luminosity bulbs, l.e.d’s get pretty high in luminosity and don’t push out too much heat.