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Silicon Power 256GB 3D NAND TLC Rugged Portable External SSD USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB3.2) with USB-C to USB-C/USB-A Cables, Bolt B75 Pro Black – SP256GBPSD75PSCK?

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19th Jul 2019

First off, read my info here against utilizing a flash drive for maintaining your softmod. You do NOT want your only NAND backup on that thing if it fails.

Besides this, my best recommendations are:
1) Use a portable SSD over a traditional portable HDD.
2) A great portable SSD that I would recommend is this one. It’s a medium-sized 256GB SSD that’s around $45. If you’re interested, their page also hosts a 1TB drive for $119 but that’s completely up to you.

The reasons I’m recommending a mid-triple digit megabit transfer rates are not for your Wii or even future Wii U system, it’s for backup ability and higher transfer speeds to copy from a PC, or other device with extreme ease.

My next recommendation is a C10 ultra speed SD card averaging in at 128GB. With a micro to standard SD card adaptor, you can even use a mobile device to begin softmodding your Wii via Letterbomb. Check it out here

The reasoning for such an unnecessary amount of space for your SD is for the predictable inability to utilize the GameCube’s Nintendont software. Pretty common to have this fail in various areas.

Software recommendations: Wii Backup Manager (x86/x64). This will be helpful for back and forth compatibility between your pc (if you have one), and your Wii. Without it in front of me, I can’t remember the GameCube iso prep tool for expanding and shrinking isos, but if you’re interested in that I’ll pull that data from my old external for you to utilize (of course if you decide to play GC games).

Hardware recommendations: simply get a GameCube controller. Though it’s hard to spot an official GC controller on Amazon for a decent price, it’s worth searching.

I’ve had my Wii modded for almost 6 – 7 years and have played it forever. Before that, I had another Wii that I had modded for 3 years. I’ve never had more fun until my Wii U came in the mail a few days ago.

Hope this helps! ✌️