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sihoo Chair?

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30th Apr 2021

I’m stuck on which to get. I like the sound of mesh (never tried one), as well as the ability to move the seat forward/back on the M82C. But the lumbar support concerns me, you can’t move it up/down.

They have 8 various chairs on Amazon UK. Unless you look at the pics attached you have no idea what model you’re looking at. They don’t mention it on the item page for some reason.



I’m also disappointed to learn they have some other models on their site, but not amazon. V1, R1, A7.

I’m currently on a broken “gaming” chair. I originally got it because it looked comfy and reclined far back, which is great for relaxing watching a video, or playing games with a controller. I “fear” I’d miss not reclining far back…but their M81C model does just that. Does that sacrifice overall comfort/posture when in normal use compared to other models?


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20th Feb 2021

I don’t think this is the exact chair, but it looks similar to this model which is what I was planning to buy for my own office.