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Shure SE215-CL-E In-Ear Audio Monitor?

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15th Mar 2021

I’ve used Shure for a couple of years and think the sound quality is excellent.

£90 off Amazon UK (link)

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17th Feb 2021

I agree with the advice of SnoopySenpai, Ticonderouge and Yourname92. I will link them in the Amazon for Germany (which should ship to places in Europe if I remember correctly but do correct me if that is not the case).

Everything I am going to write is from the perspective of a person who started this hobby for the sake of sound isolation to begin with as I care about my hearing and music. I checked the other replies and I wasn’t satisfied with the answers so that’s why I am writing this.


The problem lies that there aren’t many good ANC headphones at that price range (the technology is difficult to get right and the material doesn’t do a good job of isolating the sound). If you want top isolation then some sound isolating IEMs can do the job like the Etymotic ER2XR and the Shure SE215. The Etymotic block out more sound and they have great, detailed neutral sound but they are uncomfortable at first and not suited for kids. Shure is second place for sound isolation in my experience.

Shure SE215

As the Shure SE215 is more comfortable, has a better fit, blocks out more sound than most of the top ANC headphones (with the Shure foam tips), has the bass heavy sound that she likes, is in your price range, plays well with smartphones and is good for pop then it seems like it fits most of the things that she wants. Of course, these are IEMs and not over ear headphones, they also don’t look that girly (maybe the blue ones look more to her taste), use foam tips but they are worth a look at. I guarantee you that they will block out more sound than most of the ANC headphones worth hundreds of dollars (of which I have tried pretty much all of them). They use passive noise isolation and block out most sound like earplugs/earmuffs, ANC only works with constant sound and in the low frequencies (when it isn’t a huge mess that does nothing like most of the $100 ANC headphones are). They have a Bluetooth version but I would recommend the wired version as they last longer and are more reliable (along with sounding better). I use them with work earmuffs when I really need to block out everything (including babies screaming their head off on a plane) which ANC headphones will not help with. They don’t exactly have the best reputation for sound for audiophiles (which is why the Etymotic exists) but they are good for “fun” sound in general and better than most of the consumer brands. Customer service is also pretty good with this company.

I would not recommend buying these on Amazon (due to Chinese fakes that put dollar store drivers in them) and get them from a certified reseller instead. They even happen to be on sale right now. Don’t even consider places like AliExpress, Wish or the sort. Amazon is a hundred times better than any of those that can be full of scams.



Sony WF-1000XM3

A wireless option could be the Sony WF-1000XM3 if you want ANC headphones but you must buy them refurbished to get them at that price (I tend to see them on Amazon at around that price used). Definitely get the Spinfit CP360 if you plan to get it as the stock eartips give a terrible fit (which impacts the ANC and sound), if you can’t find those then get the comply tips made for these. These are the best for wireless earbuds in sound quality (easily) and they have one of the best noise cancelling (with the Spinfit tips). Their sound is neutral with a bass boost and they are highly rated among audiophiles. The ANC is close enough to the best ANC headphones delivering most of the performance but not all of it (much better than most $100-150 ANC headphones though). They happen to be on sale right now for new with €161 and the used are €121.


Bose QC25

If you do want ANC headphones, I would strongly consider checking the Bose QC25. They are one of the best wired ANC headphones that you can buy and should be good even if you buy it used (along with closer to your price range). They please most people as they give an emphasis of vocals but aren’t exactly bass monsters (they do have good bass but don’t overwhelm the song with it like many consumer headphones do). They will not block out everything (impossible for ANC) but they will do a good job in cars, buses, airplanes, etc. and are rather comfortable. Check the other used options and there is one for €151.



All of that being said, there is something I found that may fit the description with different colours but I have never tried them so I will just leave it here. People report mixed results but they are for kids apparently. I am rather skeptical as people mention that several of these products do not deliver what they promise (even in the higher end of products).




Make your kid understand that what you are doing is for their own good and the exact repercussions of not following the instructions (simply explaining of how annoying Tinnitus is to live with and giving a demonstration of playing static noise at a medium volume on speakers is enough to get the point across). Giving your kid something that they can use and is actually worth having is better than something that looks good and is garbage (more likely to break as well).

The point of these headphones/IEMs that block out sound is to keep the volume low while still being able to hear your music. Turning up the volume to drown out the sound or using them for hours on end is only killing your ears. Audiologists recommend using audio for an hour and giving a 15 minute break. Even shorter than a hour if the volume is loud. The louder it is, the shorter the time you can be exposed to it. Be sure to explain that every time that they turn it up, their ears will get used to it (which is not a good thing). In time, they will continue to turn it up and the cycle will repeat (until people hit the end of volume levels and get tinnitus). As the others mentioned, it is a mix of loudness of volume and the time exposed to it that causes hearing loss.

How you speak to kids when they are young will be their conscience when they are older. It is best to tell them now rather than later. God knows how many times I have warned others who are stubborn kids (not mine) and had to check on family. It is best to do so when they are young. Ask simple questions to make sure they understand and use colourful examples to make it entertaining.

You cannot police your child 24/7 so it is best for them to get a clearer picture. Looks don’t mean much anyways.


I know that others have you different recommendations but I tried to give you what works in blocking out sound effectively at your price. I apologize for the long post and I hope that this was of some help.

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18th Nov 2020

I’m looking for a pair of decent wired earbuds that I can use for gaming and other content consumption like music or movies. They don’t need to have a microphone built in or lots of in-line control, but that would be nice to have for me.

I currently have a pair of Logitech G433 headphones but I find over-ears give me headaches over a longer period of time and become very uncomfy, whereas I could gladly wear earbuds for a long period of time without any issues.

My budget is at most £100, and so far I’ve found some models based on other people’s opinions that seem like good options to consider:

I’m no audiophile and I’ve never truly experienced a high end pair of cans, but as long as the audio is crisp, clean, bassy (preferably) and enjoyable I’m satisfied.

Any recommendations of other earbuds, or opinions on those two listed above would be greatly appreciated.