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Shiseido UNO Face Whip Wash 130g – Moist (Green Tea Set)?

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6th Nov 2021

I use Shiseido UNO Face Whip Wash, Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion, and Clean Lotus Water Cream. I am looking to change up my sunscreen and moisturizer but that can come later. Still unsure if my cleanser is too stripping for my dry skin tho.

True. Well i have some stubborn pimples here and there on my body so i was thinking the succinic acid could help. The way i see it is that i wont be using both at the same time. Like i will obviously using it on puss filled pimples and will avoid using the lactic acid on that area. Not sure about the other steps but i should certainly not use both in the same place.

Before what ive been doing is removing the acne manually. Thats most likely not great for the skin so i would like to try an alternative. I do have an acne cleanser but i use that to clean around the area i use an acne sticker on. I also have a blackhead peel by sheido but i dont use that as often. Who knows i may get a blistering pimple [those red bumpy ones] on my face that i can use the spot treatment on to get rid of.

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4th Nov 2021

blackhead peel Uno Whip Wash acne cleanser blackhead peel Sorry about that i was just having a meltdown seeing all the ingredients mixed together and watching skin care channels. So currently i have been using uno whip, wash acne cleanser, blackhead peel, pimple sticker, water cream, sun bum. Reason i have two cleansers is because i just use that one before putting a pimple sticker on to clean the area. I plan on changing things around but still in the process.

Patch test for like 2 weeks? I guess that could be a better way i remember one time my cousin gave me this acne cleanser that irritated my skin so bad so i just stopped using it altogether.

Do i need anything different for the winter? I have eczema on my hands so it can be harsh on that so i would like to get a hand cream. I prob should get a body cream with that since i need to hydrate my body.