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Shiseido Senka Perfect gel Morning protect All-in-one for morning SPF 50 + · PA ++++ 90 g?

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6th Aug 2019

Help! My HG all in one has been discontinued!

My HG sunscreen is Shiseido Senka Perfect Gel Morning. Recently when buying from ebay I noticed that the packaging had changed. Thinking it was an error in the image and not the description, I bought some and carried on. These products haven’t arrived to me yet.

I just had another look online for some more and noticed that Amazon lists the product as being superseded by a new product, Senka White Beauty Gel. As far as I can tell from google translating the refill image and from comparing cosdna results [1][2], these are entirely different products. The new product isn’t a sunscreen at all!

Help! Is anyone able to give me any insight?