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Shiseido Fitit Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 1)?

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13th Apr 2017

For the rice enzyme powder, it’s actually super alkaline so I’m surprised your skin likes it, alkaline cleansers can exacerbate acne in some people cuz acidic pH cleansers create an environment acne bacteria can’t survive. This cleanser is a foaming cleanser with a similarly alkaline pH (so I wouldn’t ordinarily recommend it) so your skin might not notice the difference, and Shiseido is another Japanese brand! Hada Labo Gokujyun cleansing foam is a pH-correct (5.5) foaming cleanser that is very affordable and my cleanser of choice, if you wanted to try something more acidic. Again, Hada Labo is actually a japanese company so you’re not supporting the appropriation of Japanese culture that Tatcha represents!

For the oil cleanser, it’s pretty much a fragranced oil cleanser with rice bran oil and some others so you could try Kose’s Softmo Deep Cleansing Oil, which in it’s newest reformulation is mostly mineral and rice bran oil. Orange oil is also included which could be a bit fragrant and potentially bother you, so you might like the Speedy Cleansing Oil from Kose which is fragrant-oil free but is mostly mineral oil. Again, another Japanese company!

You could also just buy rice bran oil off amazon and double cleanse with it instead if you think your skin likes the rice bran oil in particular.

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24th Sep 2018

Looking for some advice on when to use The Ordinary’s Niacinamide + Zinc given my current routine. My skin is very oily and fairly acne-prone. At this point, I have less acne than I used to but still have a lot of PIH, which is why I’m planning to add the Niacinamide.

Current routine (strongly influenced by /r/AsianBeauty):



  • Remove makeup with Simple Micellar Water
  • If not feeling too lazy, wash with Perfect Whip
  • If I used Perfect Whip, use the Skin Conditioner. If just used Micellar Water, my skin generally doesn’t need the moisture.
  • TO Glycolic Acid
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel

I know TO’s website recommends using the Niacinamide twice a day but I’m not sure if it will interact poorly with the BP or the Glycolic Acid. When should I use it?

Edit: forgot to write my sunscreen

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15th Feb 2015

Yeah I had the same experience with the konjac sponges, I think they’re probably best for ultra-delicate, dry skin.

I’m super happy with my clarisonic, probably be the best investment I’ve made for my skin, so I would recommend it! Keep an eye out for promo codes and deals, I ended up getting a discontinued color for $125 ($25 less) straight from the company after hunting around. Also going to be switching over to the delicate brush heads, the sensitive ones seem to get a bit stiff and scratchy despite taking care of them properly. I have the best luck using Shiseido Perfect Whip cleanser with it since it has such soft and fine foam that the bristles can glide across.

As for foundation I’ve had the best luck with the Revlon Colorstay line, especially the liquid version for combination skin. Been using this line for a few years now with no problem.

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25th Nov 2017

Hmn, that one doesn’t seem to have very good reviews on amazon.

What about this popular “Perfect Whip” one? Talking about this here:


That seems to be super popular… is it any good? Or just “meh” and simply got popular because of luck?