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12th May 2019

Might be a little late but I had really bad acne for a kid and still would as an adult if I didn’t adopt a strict skincare routine and diet (it’s not that bad). Drinking water and changing your pillowcases frequently (every week to two weeks) also will help especially if you start putting all this product on your face. see note at the end*

For some, cutting out either, some, or all of the following helps alleviate acne: Dairy, Oil, Sugar, Gluten. But since you said you had no changes in diet I won’t go into that. Sorry in advance for formatting errors as I did all of this from mobile. Some products have instruction in Korean but I will tell you how to use them. Everything is used everyday/every night unless specified.

  1. If I wear makeup, I use Jeju Deep Cleansing Balm. When used, it creates a layer of moisture but this can make rags feel congested, so I recommend wiping this with toss-able towels. It smells good and is good for getting the eyes especially. Just put a little on there towel/wipe and rub face until makeup is removed, then use another wipe to remove the excess balm.
  2. I use African Black Soap after removing heavy full face make-up. For light/no make-up/mornings I use Senka Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser. It takes about a month to come through Amazon, but if your local Asian market has a skincare store and most do, it can usually be found there. Works best if you have some kind of Spin Brush for face or a Whip Maker. It doesn’t work as well as it does with either of these products using just hand or rag. You can also use cheesecloth (examples on YouTube).
  3. I use either of these masks if my skin feels dry or looks dull. Just rub on face and leave for 5-7 min then rinse off. This brand also has peeling masks as well that I use every other day in place of these. The peeling masks work similar to the nose strips people use to pull out nose blackheads and can be used to substitute them but can be used on whole face as well.
  4. With my face cleaned and moisture somewhat restored, I soft exfoliate (I use everyday. If I wear makeup I use it same night and if I plan to wear makeup the next day, skip morning and use at night again. To use – rub soft side on face first to spread, then rub gently with textured side. Otherwise I use in morning. I hard exfoliate with this. I don’t scrub harder it’s just a sugar kind of scrub so it has the potential to cause inflammation if you’re rubbing to hard. I use every other day, this also works great on body and legs when shaving.
  5. After exfoliating, I use Thayers Witch Hazel Toner. Remove with a cotton pad. I’ve found towelettes and pepper towels don’t work nearly as well as something cotton based. Toner helps to pull excess dirt from deep skin pores. On Sundays/Wednesday’s only I use Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. Instructions say specifically to use after Toner.
  6. Now that face is cleaned and restored, I use a squeeze Vitamin C serum only at night. I got this from my local Asian market but if you ask they’ll know what you are talking about. I dab it ONLY onto any dark spots/acne scars on my face. Vitamin C has lightening/brightening properties and using it on your whole face may lighten it. I let it sit for 5 minutes minimum to as long as I can before I need to sleep so it absorbs into my skin. I dab off any excess after with a paper towel.
  7. After that, I use The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid. You can look up the full benefits but it can help with skin elasticity and smoothing wrinkles/scars from pimple popping. You can get this MUCH cheaper at Sephora – they’re $7 I believe and this company has a bunch of other serums I want to try. On Sundays and Wednesday’s, I use a Mask Sheet. Asian markets sell them but they usually sell them individual and I pay for the big back of 48 here. Helps restore tons of moisture in face and provide different benefits based on the mask you choose but most are the same. They also smell nice!
  8. One I use the mask and rub it in, I use a mixture of three oils: Kukui, Rosehip, TeaTree Oil. All of them can be found on amazon and have different benefits that tie together. I mix them into a tiny container and do very small dabs into my skin and rub it in. Kukui oil also works as a massage oil as it’s very light and great natural sunscreen (though if you plan to go to the beach wearing regular sunscreen and using the Kukui to seal it in is best).
  9. Finally, I finish with my Elizabeth Arden Moisture Cream. $55 seems expensive but a little goes a LONG way, I use about enough to cover the whole tip of my finger, a light dip like if you want to taste something for example. You don’t need a lot because at this point your face is already moisturized enough that it should just glide on.
  10. To finish, since I have hyperpigmentation and get dark spots at the slightest raise on my skin, I use Ambi Dark Spot Corrector. Can be found at target I think, my mom usually buys it. Put light amounts on affected areas and sleep.

*Note: you may need to slowly introduce these products. Most of them are geared toward moisturizing and preventing aging as well. If you do anything, I’m at least recommend exfoliating often, changing pillow cases and properly moisturizing your skin using the sheet masks as well as possibly vitamin E serums. I plan on getting some but have no money rn, but Belei sent me free samples and I loved it. I think The Ordinary also carries some. Also, properly washing your face will probably help as well, and I’d recommend getting at least a spin brush. Over rubbing your face can be harmful to the skin and skin brushes usually clean well enough without harm.

I hope this helps! This is my whole routine but if anything jumps out feel free to not look at everything! I’m of course not a dermatologist but this helped me and I now only get pimples usually if I eat excess of the previously mentioned triggers 🙂 my skin is now brighter and dark spots clear up in about 2-3 months but are usually lighter after about two weeks.