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18th Feb 2018

You’re welcome.

If you’re seriously feeling depressed, go to your family doctor and ask for a blood test to see if you’re deficient in any essential vitamins. That can seriously affect your mood and your ability to concentrate.

The B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin D are essential to stabilizing your mood.

When I’m really stressed out, I take one of these multivitamins dissolved in a glass of water. They’re cheapest at Walmart at Amazon for around $4, but grocery stores carry them too, for some reason at double the price. Don’t take more than one a day, because more is not better. Your pee will just turn orange because you’ll be peeing them out.

If you have bad eating habits and don’t get outside much, make an effort to change that. Even adding one fruit or vegetable a day to your eating, and talking a short walk outside your favorite library is better than nothing.