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Set of 2 Kose Softymo Speedy And Deep Cleansing Wash 230ml?

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30th Apr 2021

I use a rinse-off oil cleanser, the kind that actually rinses off!

The one I use is totally unscented and doesn’t sting my eyes. I massage into my face, rinse, done. No scrubbing at ALL and it gets off EVERYTHING, and I wear waterproof mascara and nearly-waterproof silicone-based sunblock under my makeup every single day.

This is the brand I use (in the pink bottle) but multiple companies make similar things: https://smile.amazon.com/Kose-Softymo-Speedy-Cleansing-230ml/dp/B08H9ZHZ6Q/ref=lp_3033129011_1_5?s=specialty-aps