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Sesderma K-vit Facial Revitalizing Eye Serum, 1 Fl Oz?

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11th Aug 2020


The Innisfree Aloe gel has hardly any aloe. They reformulated and Aloe vera is amongst the last ingredients. You could probably switch that out for something else.

Pond’s sunscreen(SPF 50) is an affordable option I have been liking. Lotus sunscreens in general aren’t that good. There have been some sunscreen posts, you can search the subreddit for more recommendations.

Fair eye cream was recommended by u/rutujah. It has some good ingredients, top ingredients being Niacinamide, and Centella Asiatica. Sesderma Vit-K Serum has also given me good results.

Vitamin C has been proven to improve photoaging and produce collagen. You can read this study here. A lot of members like Melano CC. It is hard to find a well-formulated option in India.

Pond’s Superlight Gel has hyaluronic acid. I have not tried it yet but some users seem to like it. I have been using Hada Labo Premium for ages and it is my holy grail for hyaluronic acid.