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Series 3 3010S?

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11th Apr 2019

lmao that sounds like me.

Anyway, an electric razor will get it short to the point of being invisible (idk about the look if you have darker hair, though). You can still feel it if you run a hand over it, but, at least in my experience, anyone who you let do that aside from yourself is probably going to be okay with it all anyway. I use this guy, and it gets pretty damn smooth for the amount of effort it takes to use it (minimal). This is kind of typical for the ‘foil’ type razors, but I’ve never used a rotary so I can’t speak for those. Nair is an option, for sure, but it gets a little too messy for me (and my skin is sensitive af so more often than not I just end up with temporary chemical burns), and I’d assume it’s more expensive long-term than any razor. My personal favorite is just one of those double-sided safety razor things. Once you get the hang of it, it gives great results for not a whole lot of time. Definitely not as fast as an electric one, but a whooole lot smoother.