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Sennheiser RS 185 RF Wireless Headphone System?

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18th Dec 2018

I’ve had Sennheiser RS 185 for over 3 years and they still work great, zero issues. Lasts 18+ hrs on a charge and charges quickly. Only had to replace the rechargeable batteries (cheap AA’s) once in that time. Still comfy with excellent sound and I can get up to do stuff across the entire house or take the trash out while still listening to music or a podcast, friends on discord, or hear my queue pop in a game. Bigly convenient. Strongly recommend.

They’re headphones and not a headset though. You can just use an antlion mod mic (which detaches and reattaches easily with a magnet as needed, super convenient) or a proper desk mic. I’ve used both of those with these cans and I see no reason to ever go back to buying headsets.

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28th Jun 2016

Sennheiser RS-wireless series allows multiple inputs into the base station and also more than one headphone to be connect at the same time.

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5th Jan 2016

Really? I was thinking of something like:

If you hook it up to your TV, anything routed through it will play over them.

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11th Sep 2021

you’re right. sorry these are the ones I have. Spectacular sound.

…and discontinued.



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11th Jul 2017

I am in the market for 2 wireless headphones with a base that has an optical input. I’m looking to add good options so I can buy them on sale (especially today on Amazon, since it’s prime day). To be clear, we need 2 headphones to work simultaneously with a single base.

So far I’ve found two options on Amazon where I can buy the system along with a second headset:

Sennheiser RS 185 RF Wireless Headphone System with Sennheiser HDR 185 Accessory RF Wireless Headphone for RS 185 System, and

Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System with Sennheiser HDR 175 Accessory RF Wireless Headphone for RS 175 System

I think these two are FM but I think our current one is IR so that would work too. I think FM would be a plus because I could listen to Amazon Prime Music from the other room wirelessly.

Budget: Flexible but looking for a deal. I’m interested in a quality product that will last.

Source – Optical (the optical-out of my soundbar which connects to the TV and several other devices via HDMI)

Requirements for Isolation – Used at home. Flexible but we often use these when the kids are asleep so we prefer to not have too much noise coming out of the headphones.

Will you be using these Headphones in Public? No.

Preferred Type of Headphone – No real preference.

Preferred tonal balance – No preference.

Past headphones – They ones I’m looking to replace were Turtle Beach X4. I’ve also used iPhone earbuds, Astro A40s and Monprice 8323 (when it didn’t include a mobile mic line) which kind of hurt my head.

Preferred Music – Mostly pop, rock, 80s, 90s, and a little country. Generally kid-friendly so not so much rap or hip-hop

What would you like to improve on from your set-up – What are you looking for going into your next headphone? More bass? More detail? More treble? – Just want 2 decent wireless headphones that aren’t held together with tape. (Connectivity to a PS4 would be a bonus nice-to-have.)

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23rd Apr 2017

You should try to get your hands on more wireless stuff.

I’m not talking about any bluetooth headphones (I mean everyone on Youtube does that already, so where’s the fun?), but more about the more niche home wireless headphones like what Sennheiser has been doing for ages. I’m thinking about their recent RS line-up, especially the RS185 (which would be the most audiophile-oriented model of the bunch, being open-back). Oh, and since it has a S/PDIF digital optical input, it means the unit has its own built-in DAC as well. Analog+digital inputs make it pretty versatile, as if they actually designed it to be the only headphones you’d need at home.

And it would be quite a change of pace, given how you struggle with cables every time :V

Here’s a couple links to make your life easier if you ever stumble upon my comment and picked your interest:



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21st Sep 2016

Anything by Sennheiser, in particular, the Sennheiser RS 185 RF Wireless Headphone System, which is $250 from Amazon. The problem with gaming headsets and headsets, in general, is that there is a huge focus on software, rather than actual sound quality on the hardware level. Way too many headsets come with fancy “ULTRA HXD BASS BOOST CLARITY XTREME GAMING EDITION 7.1” software intended to process the sound and make you think it’s actually better. Razer does it, Asus does it, just about anybody making a USB headset does it.

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3rd Jul 2016

Hey, r/headphones! I’m looking for a quality pair of headphones I can wear at home. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Sennheiser 185s or the [Sennheiser 598s](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0126HISOO/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_ETiExb1F3K62Z]. I can’t seem to find any reviews for the 185s, let alone comparison reviews. I like the idea of wireless headphones with a dock that plugs into my entertainment system, so I don’t want to write these off just yet. What do you guys think? Is there maybe a better option for me that I’m missing?

Budget – I’d prefer to stay around $200, but I’m flexible. I have a $100 credit on Amazon, so they definitely need to be sold on there.

Source – I have two different sound systems I alternate between. In my living room, I have a ps3 set up that I put YouTube playlists on. In my bedroom, I have a smart DVD player and my laptop that both plug into my soundbar. Both rooms have optical and mini jacks.

Requirements for Isolation – Mild. I have less-than-great hearing, so I like the clarity headphones offer, and my boyfriend likes to play his own music/Skyrim on his side of the apartment. Bleeding is fine, but we can’t keep competing with our sound systems.

Will you be using these Headphones in Public? – Nope.

Preferred Type of Headphone – Circumaural, no exceptions. I wear glasses so I already get headaches and supraaural headphones make it worse. My ear canals are small and I have piercings that make IEMs a nightmare.

Preferred tonal balance – Crisp, natural sound with a wide soundstage. I don’t need a lot of bass enhancement.

Past headphones – Nothing of quality, I tell you hwat.

Preferred Music – Chillstep, zen, trance, acoustic, meditation music, binaural beats, etc. Pretty low-intensity stuff.

What would you like to improve on from your set-up – I want clear, detailed sound without ear fatigue. I have some different IEMs and I can’t wear any of them for more than about 45 minutes.

I mostly sit in a variety of places to do homework, study or read, but I do like to cook a lot and would love something I could walk around in. The flexibility that comes with the Bluetooth headphones is really attractive to me, but unless I hear from someone who has them I just don’t think I can commit.

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18th Jul 2016
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27th Oct 2015

Unfortunately, there aren’t many wireless headphones that can compete with Sennheiser’s open back models. And those who can will most likely cost you more than $300, for example the RS-185. But you’ll have to consider the increased weight and reduced comfort of a wireless headphone, since it has to include batteries etc. in order to work.

A closed back headphone in the same price range as the HD558 and a comparable sound is the ATH A900X which will offer more isolation, while achieving a clear sound and a wide stage. It terminates in a 3,5mm jack and comes with a 6,3mm adapter (in case you change your mind).