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Sennheiser MM 500-X Wireless Bluetooth Travel Headphones?

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10th May 2014

Just did a lot of research on this before biting the bullet.
The market is pretty lacking at the medium to high end, but I ultimately decided on a used Sennheiser MM500-X via Amazon for $115. Fantastic headphones, but they were broken so I sent them to Sennheiser (2 year warranty). Got a brand new MM550-X as a replacement. Seem to be the same headphones, but the 550 has active noise cancelling (decent, natural), talkthrough (freaking nifty… don’t need to take them off to talk!), and SRS (‘surround’ – it’s okay).
The noise cancelling and SRS have a significant impact on bass level, unfortunately. Which is fine, since I don’t need noise cancelling with bassy stuff – usually just audiobooks or whatever. The isolation on them is really great – I can use these instead of earmuffs when I’m working with metal, which is a godsend.

A coworker has the Beats Studio Wireless and we swapped for a few minutes. They actually sounded very good with Childish Gambino – 3005, but the 500/550 is better. The Beats were not comfortable to me, the drivers rest on my ears which is pretty bad for circumaural. I don’t think they clamp well enough to be useful for being out and about, either.