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Sennheiser HD 630VB Headphone with Variable Bass and Call Control?

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1st Dec 2019

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These are my main headphones. I am a huge basshead, and the variable bass dial is a really cool feature with these headphone; it means that even if the source device has no eq, you can still turn up the bass. My one complaint with this headset is the lack of a replaceable cable, but sennhesier kindly repaired the cable for me when I broke it. Just that I had to wait for shipping.

This was my first headphone set, purchased as per the advice of this sub. This is what got my sennheiser bug started, so thank r/heaphones… or rather no thanks, you guys cost me a lot.

Not my first microphone, but definitely one of the best purchases I have made. It provides very clear and crisp sound delivery, and it picks up minimal backgroun noise. Fumbling on the desk will be picked up, but by running a noise gate you wont have much of an issue with this. The cardioid pattern pickup is perfect for recording voices and instruments alike.

I reccently have noticed the trend of air buds/pods and for black friday this year got myself sennheisers rather expensive buds to see if they live up to the price tag. My consensus: not really. I found that cheaper ear buds will deliver good enough sound quality for something that needs to be portable. Additionally, the app that pairs with these buds is lackluster, and the ear pieces themselves starts to hurt after prolonged use. However, the sound quality matches that of my HD 630vb. Serioisly. Awesome sound quality, and I love the ambient noise feature which uses the microphone to allow certain sounds through, so you dont need to remove them to hear people. Finally, the touch controls on each earbud are cool, but I would like the option to customise the inputs using the app.

This was my entry into sound engineering and starting to mess around with different audio channels and mixing various audio clips. It is nice as an entry level mixer, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Definitely will need to upgrade this at some point, but no time soon.

Honestly these were some cheap speakers I picked up from amazon to be able to watch movies on my PC. For the job I purchased them for, they get it done well. Can’t complain.