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Sennheiser HD 429 S Headphones for Smartphones and Tablets, Black?

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18th Jul 2016

Sennheiser HD 429s

they were €120 when i got them this time two years ago and haven’t let me down yet

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22nd Feb 2016

*Looking for something under 50$

*It will be powered by my HTC M8 and maybe my computer

*I won’t take them outside

*They don’t need Isolation

*I don’t care what kind of headphone it is as long as they’re good

*Mostly listen to classical,jazz,voice but i do sometimes dive into the dark end of electronic so i would like something that can handle bass when needed

*What i have been looking at

http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-HD-429-Headphones-Smartphones/dp/B009HQTORS these are 29$ on a website



*My other pair of headphones are


I like them but i always feel like i’m missing something and they really hurt my ears over time and hard to put in in the middle of the night