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Sennheiser HD 400S Closed Back, Around Ear Headphone with One-Button Smart Remote on Detachable Cable?

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29th Aug 2021

I really can’t speak to this brand but I think for that price and what it offers it won’t be as good as you can do elsewhere.

Bluetooth is a big no for music production so paying for it is a waste. It’s passable for playback but even then, the audiophile crowd would roll their eyes.

Reputable driver and speaker brands should be your first look. Most new headphone companies are repackaging cheap drivers and if it sounds too good to be true it is.

Even the cheaper models from known brands will be better in the long run than some hyped budget headphone company.

These sennheisers stood out in that price range but that’s all I can say. Everyone’s ears are different but anyone selling headphones for half of what they look like they costs is suspect.


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18th Aug 2021

It would be better if you order it from the US. Here we don’t have much choice and prices are just too high. I found Sennheiser in your price range which I have never tried, but I do trust the brand (you can watch reviews on youtube). Personally, I would suggest sony or Audio-Technica but they are not in your price range.

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25th Sep 2021

Audífonos Sennheiser HD 400S baja de precio a $1,730 (antes $2,986) ️

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