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Sengan Pasta Rosette Cleansing Pasta Muddy Sea Smooth, 120g?

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23rd Feb 2018

Would you like some Cleansing Pasta?

(For those out of the loop: the English on the pack is fine, but “paste” is then translated into Japanese as “pasuta”, hence “cleansing pasta”.)

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9th Nov 2018

My favourite has always been this Amazon listing for the Rosette Cleansing…Pasta?

It’s technically a correct translation, too…while the English on the pack says “paste”, the packaging transliterates that into Japanese as “パスタ” or “pasuta”, which does translate to “pasta”. So I guess it’s less an issue with translation into English, but rather that the Japanese should’ve been written differently based on the English used. (Either that, or they really want us to wash our faces with noodles.)