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SEI Furniture Willingham Wall Mount Folding Desk, Mahogany?

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3rd Aug 2015

I definitely need to reassess my makeup situation once I’ve finished dealing with moving apartments at the end of this month! I really want to get something like this and convert it into a wall-mounted jewelry&makeup chest/vanity and then organize all of my stuff and throw out the crappy junk and hopefully upgrade some of the items I use enough to warrant it. I’m pretty low maintenance right now, all I regularly use is lipstick, liquid eyeliner, mascara, and a highlighter product of some sort (I was using Stila liquid luminizer but I ran out and might try something else instead).

It does feel a lot like neo is just winding down, or like if it keeps trucking it will be at a lesser plateau than Viacom had it at previously unfortunately. I’ve heard Flight Rising vaguely referenced before but don’t know much about it! How do I get an invite, should I just keep checking for open registration? I’d check it out!