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Seagate Expansion 16TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0, with Rescue Data Recovery Services (STKP16000402)?

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19th Nov 2021


Last year they were down to around $400

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21st Aug 2021

Deal link: Amazon

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11th Jun 2021

Ah, found you in the Support ticket system…

You are definitely an interesting case, and it most definitely bzfilelist is not completing/crashing/something odd is going on. That is INCREDIBLY unusual, bzfilelist is the most stable, least changed part of Backblaze, I’m guessing somehow you are triggering a 12 year old bug/problem/short-coming nobody else has ever triggered. Thanks for sticking with us and providing that info, it will undoubtable help others. The last thing it ever says is this:

bzfilelist processId=4644 entering main disk analysis, startAtDir=0, length=1666

Then it just poof, disappears forever until it restarts 4 hours later.

I’m producing a custom build with more logging tonight for you. Plus I’ll respond in that ticket to you. ONE THING TO CHECK -> what is the exact name of the “.future” file that is left over? The most interesting part is does it end in “_c___filelist.dat” or “_h____filelist.dat” or…?

I don’t know if you remember, but what is the last drive letter you added? Was there anything “special” about that drive? Like for example might it have a “circularity” or “hard links” in the file system? Or do you just think it’s a completely standard drive with completely standard data copied to it? Or have you ever created a hard link in your life? (Also known as a “Reparse Point” in Windows.) If you know what drive it was, what you might try is UNSELECTING it from the backup and letting Backblaze run and see if suddenly the backup starts working again. I’ll definitely keep working on this until it is resolved but it would be good to know which drive to focus on.

Finally (for now) let me mention one other generalized thing (that I would recommend regardless of your other situation):

You have 8 drives selected for backup. Backblaze has trouble with this. We don’t care how much data you have, but you should try to limit it to 2 or at very most 3 attached drives, so let’s say 4 drives TOTAL at most. What you can do is purchase a “Drobo” or any other drive enclosure you prefer and put all those drives you own in that one container. ALTERNATIVELY, buy 1 large external USB drive, for instance a 16 TByte drive, any random one will do, here is one: https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Expansion-16TB-External-Drive/dp/B091J9WYYG/ (but you can get any external drive) and create 8 folders at the top level, one for each of your external drives, and copy all your files into this one drive.

LONGER EXPLANATION ON THIS OTHER REDDIT POST I DID: https://www.reddit.com/r/backblaze/comments/bj7csz/multiple_external_drives_should_be_plugged_in_all/em9r2ar/

Ok, with that said, I’m STILL baffled by what I’m staring at in your logs. It is most definitely not caused by “too many drives”, this is something completely new and different.