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Scosche BTKB freeKEY Bluetooth Mini Keyboard – Retail Packaging – Black?

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21st Nov 2011

Also: battery life on netbooks is comparable (but still not quite as good) to tablets.

What you may consider is getting a case with a built in stand and getting a bluetooth keyboard. The case you get depends on the tablet, but I got a Scoshce water-resistant-rollup-bluetooth keyboard for class (amazon link). Tablet+keyboard is sooo much lighter than my huge 17-inch MBP.

…but my experience has been pretty negative. 1) Some keys have managed to stop working, 2) it takes a while to get used to the small rubber keys (so I wouldn’t recommend this particular keyboard), and 3) Although this may be a webOS problem or a problem with bluetooth, there is a small but noticeable lag between pushing a key and it typing on the screen.