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Schwinn Fitness AD7 Airdyne Bike?

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14th May 2020

Canada- Schwinn Airdyne AD7 on Amazon warehouse deals under $900

*Edit link

I have my echo bike coming tomorrow, but I’m tempted to get this anyways. Just sold my old ad7 a couple weeks ago

*Edit couple more minutes and I’m going to buy it

Got a call from my Dad, that bought you some more time. I’m about to buy it.

*Another edit- how is this still there? It’s one of the best airbikes for below the normal black Friday price

*Edit almost 30minutes and still there. I just sold a used one for $1050 and this one’s still in it’s box for $896

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14th Nov 2020

Believe the review you’re talking about is not for the AD6. ADPro (AD8) usually sells for $999 MSRP and supposedly made for commercial settings with a better warranty, but the the AD7 is basically the same thing for ~$780 https://www.amazon.com/Schwinn-100625-AD7-Airdyne-Bike/dp/B072Q63BDD/. Water bottle and phone slot are built it, so basically the same $ as Echo if you’re getting those components.

AD6 may be sufficient for your needs, but as noted Echo/ADPro or 7 is the next step up.

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22nd Oct 2019

Anyone have any experience with amazon warehouse deals? There is a Airdyne AD7 listed on it in “Used-Good” condition for 720 CAD.