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Satco SF77/394 Incandescent Portable Plant Lamp, 60 Watts, Black?

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3rd Sep 2021

I personally like multiple Lightstrips versus Play Bars. You can buy Philips refurb V3’s for cheap on eBay. The Play Bars create hot spots. I sold my seven Play Bars.

I also put Hue A19 bulbs in some of three of these spot lighting cans instead of getting Go’s. Works great. Go is 520 Lumens, the regular A19 are 800 lumens.


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26th Jun 2021

I use these cheap spotlight holders for strategic lighting (with them on the floor) with standard Hue A19 bulbs. You can light up plants, art, furniture, etc.

You can also use the more expensive Play Bars for the same thing.


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22nd Dec 2020

Here are the spotlight holders I was talking about. I’d take a picture but my desk is currently a mess right now. 🙂


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3rd Aug 2017

Haha, thanks! Yes, you need a hue hub and then however many bulbs you want. I think it’s a bit overpriced for what it is but I do really like the effect 🙂

I used these to mount them to the wall:


You can just use a standard picture hanger and those mounts just hang on it.

This starter kit should get you what you need to get rolling with hue.


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15th Feb 2017

Satco Products SF77/394 Multi-Purpose Portable Spot Light, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001PICIEM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8g8OybSG9Z74J