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Sangean RCR-30 FM-RBDS / AM / Bluetooth / Aux-In Digital Tuning Clock Radio with USB Phone Charging and Sound Soother, Gray?

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19th Jan 2021

I listen to the radio every night so I got a fancy alarm clock and it has 7 dimmer settings including completely dark which I always use when I’m trying to fall asleep. It has a great speaker, AM/FM, bluetooth connectivity to play your own tunes or podcasts or internet radio. A bunch of soothing sounds as well like raindrops and waves too. A bit pricey but worth every penny.


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19th Oct 2020

I just got this really good quality clock radio because I go to sleep with talk radio and a fan on. But this one has a bunch of built in sounds to scroll through like rain, waves, wind, whales, stream, cicadas, frogs, birds, bubbles, fire, train, whitenoise. I haven’t tried them for sleep yet because I’ve been doing fine with the fan/talk radio combo. It also has bluetooth so you can play your own things from you phone connection to distract you from tinnitus.

I’ve heard there’s pillows you can buy with built in speakers as well and you can try and cover it up with various sounds.

There’s other stand alone sound generators too if anyone wants recommend some.