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Samsung T5 500GB USB 3.1 Pocket Size Portable External SSD (Blue)?

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16th Oct 2020

Can anyone pls recommend a good external SSD to go with My Xbox One X, and also that i can use later on for College.

Came accross this one from Samsung:Samsung T5 External SSD

Need to know if there is anything better(and maybe cheaper) than this(that will still work with xbox(it has USB 3.0 so max speed of 4/5gbps i think), minumum of 250gb and be worthwile to use later in college(going to college in 2 years)?

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15th Feb 2021

Sorry I think there was some misinterpretation. I meant internal SSD for 4.5k. But still external SSD is available for 6k.



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6th Aug 2020

Samsung T5 is sold for 6,999 currently minus the HDFC discount of 1500. So it’s sold for 5499 which is the lowest price I’ve seen for it in a very long time.