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Samsung T3 Portable SSD – 1TB – USB 3.1 External SSD (MU-PT1T0B/AM)?

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28th Oct 2016

I feel its pretty shitty, because I have pocket SSDs that are, well, pocket sized.

Losing options is always shitty.

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30th May 2017


I think it’s a good idea to keep everything. I also recommend shooting in RAW. It takes too much time (if you shoot a lot) to have every RAW file uploaded to the cloud. Also, you don’t necessarily want to save every single photo you shoot in the cloud.

I recommend saving everything to an external HD when you import photos. I like Lightroom, and it can automatically save photos to one or two external HDs upon import. That takes care of your archive.

THEN you can create a gallery in Lightroom, and you can edit that gallery to your best shots. These I typically adjust, save, and upload to Dropbox. You can choose the service – Amazon, Google Drive, Flickr, etc – that you like most.

There are many ways to accomplish these tasks, and I’m sure everything people have mentioned below will work well. The key is to find a method that’s simple and easy for you to do consistently and without having to think too much; you want a system.

By the way, I recently purchased a Samsung SSD that holds 1TB of data and is very compact and lightweight. It’s also sturdier than a drive that has moving parts. For those of you who travel a lot, or keep your stuff in a backpack that goes everywhere, you might like checking out these drives. They are expensive but solid.


I hope this info is helpful. If you have any questions, just let me know. I’m happy to help however I can. If you’d like some photo tips you can download a free PDF here:


Good luck, I hope this editing / archiving info is helpful.

Happy Shooting!

Jeffrey Luke
Photographer / Author


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18th Nov 2017

Samsung external 1TB should be plenty fast. Less prone to failure. Runs off power supplied by USB. Samsung T3

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2nd Aug 2017

Def buy one of these external tiny SSDs.

Samsung ones are proven, i think other companies have them too by now.

Not cheap but worth it. Comes in 500gb, 1tb or 2tb.

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27th May 2017