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Samsung Jet 90 Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner with Removable Long Lasting Battery and 200 Air Watt Suction Power, Complete with Telescopic Pipe, Titan Silver?

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3rd Mar 2022

I see you figured out that they will dual-charge. The battery gets hidden! Anyway, the A916 only comes with the universal head, not the soft roller. You may want to consider returning it and getting something like the "Ultimate" package that does come with it. Performance Reviews has some vendetta against soft rollers, but they are a dream for dusting floors and work far better than the universal head. You could also look at the Samsung Jet 90 or Jet 75, as Amazon is currently running a ridiculous sale on them. The Samsung and the LG are very comparable products. The Jet 90 comes with the dual charging stand and telescoping wand and the 75 does not. Judging by your initial post, you may prefer the 90 due to the stand. Do keep in mind that you have to buy the second battery separately, though. One cool thing is that they will work on the "Clean Station" that empties the bin into bags cleanly. Just keeping your options open!

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3rd Sep 2020

This “Clean Station”, this vacuum for the vacuum, is f’ing $200. This definitely some rich shit, because my vacuum alone doesn’t cost that much, actually less than 50% of that.

Why not just empty out the vacuum bin some where outside the living space? Or enclose the bin’s opening within a bag, then empty it?

Link for those curious on this “Clean Station”:

And you’d think they’d add some other features that could utilize it’s suction power, besides it’s one feature for $200.

Edit: Found which model vacuum that is here. If that is the right vacuum it’s currently ~$544 USD on Amazon (was $649 USD). Holy fuck, this thing should come with a blow job attachment.