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Samsung Electronics Wired USB Chrome Keyboard (AA-SK4PCUB/US)?

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6th Apr 2015

I have a nice wired Chrome OS keyboard made by Samsung (it even has a 10 key). I checked on amazon and its no longer available, but here’s a link to the product info so you can look for it elsewhere:

Edit: I also have the ASUS Chromebox wireless keyboard & mouse for my chromebox. It’s too freaking tiny. It’s great for my kids, but as an adult with regular sized hands, it’s almost painful to use.

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18th Jun 2016

You can buy an external USB Chrome keyboard. Amazon has one for $14.99USD


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19th Aug 2017

This is for this keyboard

P/N: 29-25601S521

SEC S/N: CNBA9606118AGP532570155