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Samson Studio GT Pro Active Studio Monitors with USB Audio Interface and C01 Studio Condenser Microphone?

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13th Oct 2017

Whatever latency you get with headphones in the headphone jack is gonna be your overall latency.

Personally if you’re looking for good speakers I’d go with something USB-based, like the Samson Studio GT pair, amazon currently has a bundle with a mic and stuff so if you’re in the market for a mic too, it’s a steal of a deal. (It seems they are discontinued, unfortunately. They’re super because they include a Samson audio interface backed right in: two XLR/balanced 1/4″ inputs with gain knobs, two headphone outputs, and that’s just on the front. The back has L/R RCA and standard AUX input. Because they’re a USB audio interface, they even let you record internal audio without any extra drivers or loopback programs, so I can hop in audacity/ableton and just record whatever’s going to the speakers, whether it’s from youtube, skype, or anything, super handy for a quick audio capture.