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Salter 9075 BK3R Elektronische Personenwaage Max?

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12th Dec 2018


Celle-ci. Une des seules capable de soutenir mon poids initial, car la plupart ne peuvent pas mesurer au-delà de 150 ou 170. Un achat que je ne regrette pas, elle est très simple et assez passe-partout.

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10th Oct 2017

Being too heavy for your available scales is a terrible thing. I remember when it happened to me. I ended up over 500lb.

You’re not too big for scales, you’re too big for that scale.

There is the one I bought. There are plenty out there much cheaper. As the other guy said, there are other options though, like a doctors and the pharmacy.

You can do this.

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24th Nov 2016

When I started this journey I felt ashamed. I’d let it get so bad, I’m a failure. It’s normal. Ignore that voice.

You are already taking steps to get better. You’ve lost weight. You can’t view this as anything other than good.

First thing that helped me was being able to weigh myself. If you’re wearing 5xl you’re in a similar place now that I was back then. I contacted my doctor, who put me in touch with the a weight management clinic, and there they had a machine that allowed me to weight myself. It was terrible, and higher than I predicted. I lost a little, and I bought this scale.

After that, seeing small changes every week made things a lot easier. I could see my hard work paying off slowly.

You girlfriends detox plan. You don’t need a normal healthy persons diet. You need a diet you can manage that is sustainable over the long term. If she is normal weight, she is burning maybe 1500 cals per day doing nothing, you’re closer to 3500. What food leaves her stuffed would leave you hungry.

You need your own manageable diet that doesn’t leave you wanting to fall off the wagon.