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SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk, Portable Table Stand with Storage Drawer, Adjustable PVC Leather, Foldable Laptop Tray for Sofa Couch Floor, 23.6 x 12.6 x 1 Inches (Large, Black)?

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22nd Jul 2021

I got a bed table and it worked absolutely well. Just make sure you have a chair shape like pillow to lean your back on and then set the table up. The one I got can fit a laptop and a notebook so very convenient and it helps me pay attention better. Laptop Bed Tray Desk, SAIJI… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086WBDX6Y?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
That’s the link. Whenever i sat at a desk I would roll around and do other things or get up and walk. Using this table basically sticks me in that position and makes it more frustrating to have to constantly set yourself back up after moving. So I highly recommend this for those who have low attention span. And if you have a roommate just get some wired headphones so you can hear better.

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16th Mar 2022

I got a nice bed laptop stand that is pretty slick, cost about 50 bucks.

Surface is like this faux leather and the legs are aluminum legs that are way stable and telescope up and down and the surface tilts and ithas like this lil slide out hide away holder thing i stash my galaxy buds pro + or whatever they are in, as well as the extra mouse cable from my logtech g502 mouse

I use the stand with a 2022 m16 btw. Its a 16 inch laptop (supposedly in a 15 inch case or some shit ). I don’t care really its ust a fast ass laptop and the stand works great.

Heres a link for it:


runs $56.99 but IMHO is worth every penny. Legs can telescope independent from each other so if you need one a bit higher than the other, that’s fine,

Enough space for the laptop and the mouse and great for gaming, teams, etc.

And the leather surface cleans easily and the mouse glides just fine across it and everything just works on it.

If you laptop in bed id highly recommend it as it works fantastic.

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27th Jul 2021

I went with this instead.


Someone pointed out that their laptop doesn’t overheat while gaming on this, so here’s hoping. Worst case scenario, I have to put a cooling pad or something on top of the table and it’ll look silly. Just gonna have to check temps I guess. (Which I don’t know how to do.)

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7th Dec 2020

I bought a tilting bed desk that comes at a pretty decent angle for me to lie down and still use my laptop. It’s the only reason I’m back at work these days. This is the specific one I got but there are lots of similar or the same ones selling under different brand names.

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19th Mar 2022

So i bought a few things, as follows:

I got a good laptop stand so i can use it in bed. It has aluminum retractable and foldable legs than and extend and retract, both separately so if you’re on a slanted surface you’re good. Plus its got a cool little like drawer thing to throw stuff in like memory card, i put in my extra mouse cable ( since its so long and ill get to the mouse in a moment, etc ).

It cost like 50 bucks i think. The surface is like this faux leather but it holds the laptop great and is great for a mouse as well. Its big enough for the laptop and a mouse. No need for a mousepad, and it has this like moveable plastic thing near you that you can slide back and forth to keep the laptop from sliding off ( the table also tilts )


I got a keyboard cover that’s tpu and is just to cover the keys and is super thin, clear, and washable. Was like 7 bucks.


I got a gaming mouse. Its a logitech G502 hero i think, but it has RGB, weights so you can tailor it to your liking, and its a great mouse. Was like 45 bucks.


I got a laptop cooling pad thing just in case. It has 5 very silent fans that have blue led glow but its not crazy bright. Uses a USB to connect to the laptop, and has 2 like wheel slider things to control the speed of the fans. I think it was like 25 bucks, maybe 20.


I got a laptop case that’s perfect. It fits the laptop perfectly, has a handle and a strap, and 2 pockets on the outside for your power supply and mouse and pens and stuff. YKK or whatever zippers, and it just fits the laptop absolutely perfectly.


I bought another SSD HDD for the laptop. 2tb, Samsung 980 pro and it was on sale for like $240 when i bought it. Screams, and does the 7000/6000 read/write. I have a wd 850 black in my ps5 and i might switch them out but I’ve read the WD runs a bit hot ( which is why i have a heatsink on the one in my ps5.) Its a great SSD and is blazing fast. Its like 279 now i think.


And then i also upgraded my ram with a 32gb ddr5 corsair so-dimm chip to take my 2022 m6 to 40gb. Im happy with it and it screams as well. Was 225$ when i bought it, its like $280 now.


And thats it. More ram, another ssd, a laptop stand, a case, a gaming mouse, a keyboard cover, and a laptop fan thinggie for those summer days and long gaming sesh’s.

Hope that helps. Everything I’ve mentioned on here i own and i cant say anything bad about any of it from the keyboard cover, the case, the ram and SSD, table, fan stand, you name it.

But those are the “upgrades” and accessories i bought for my 2022 m16 and they all fit great, form/fit/function is fantastic, and id buy them all again and recommend them to anyone looking for items like these for their 2022 m16.

I have the 3070ti model 12900h etc etc

Happy gaming and again i hope that helps ya out.

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28th Feb 2022

I havent had that issue either. Of course laptops are going to run hot, but by no means is it burning the flesh off me or anything.

The armory crate matains the fan control and temp very well and again, when I’m playing a big game and have it set to turbo or “performance” mode the fans kick on but a friend of mine has a few years older laptop that’s louder and hotter.

I don’t game on my lap I have a laptop stand to use when Im in bed using it ( a fantastic purchase i must say – here’s the link and I’m only putting it in here because its an absolutely rad stand that has collapsable legs, big enough for the laptop and a mouse, has a leather type or real leather surface for the laptop and mouse, can raise height, can raise or lower each side independent from the other side, has this little like drawer on the left hand side that i put my excess mouse cord in, along with my galaxy buds pro and a USB stick, etc – Link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086WBDX6Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 )

I also got a logitech g502 “hero” mouse for it.

But again back to your question, i think those “reviews” are very much embellished. My laptop runs about as hot as i would imagine it would under load, its actually not super noisey ( a ps4 pro was much louder at load ) and overall.. this laptop kicks so much ass.

Im just blown away by how much they packed into this SUPER slim, light

I almost pulled the trigger near xmas last year on the 2021 and 5900h 3070 model for like 1550, and kicked myself for not getting it.

Then i saw alder lake and was like yeah ima wait since alder lake just blows everything else mobile out of the water by a LONG LONG ways, but then it was wait wait wait because who knew when they would hit shelves.

Then that deal came back out about 2 weeks ago and after reading about laptops out on slickdeals and almost bought it that day but as i was looking at the laptops on bestbuy.com i noticed after a refresh that morning that BOOM they just put the alder lake models up on the site. So i ordered the alder lake 2022 m16.

The one i got was the 2022 M16, 1tb SSD, 16gb ddr5, 3070 ti.

This laptop easily is the best laptop I’ve seen or heard about or used. Its SO thin and light, SO powerful when you pick it up and just a juggernaut of a powerhouse.

I wouldn’t think twice if you want an asus ROG laptop. Sure the 3080 ti one is spec wise a bit better but IMHO not worth the extra like grand.

And the bullshit talk of flesh burning heat and deafening noise is bullshit. Do you really think asus could or would release a TOP END Flagship model with such issues?

I honestly cant say enough good things about this laptop. I love to build my own pc’s but lack of components i could get, and scalper prices along with the absolute beast hardware drove me to look at laptops after more than a decade without.

Best decision I’ve made in terms of building / getting a solution

Run, don’t walk, to buy this laptop. At best buy just for peace of mind, you have like 15 days / 2 weeks no hassle return policy so get it and check it out and if you don’t dig it you can return it.

Id bet my m16 you wont.

TL;DR – those reviews are bullshit this laptop is a fantastic purchase and runs just like any other laptop out there with these specs.

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27th Jul 2021

If wouldn’t wouldn’t mind check it out and give me your opinion! Thank you