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Sabrent WiFi Audio Receiver (Supports DLNA and AirPlay) for Home Stereo, Portable Speakers (WF-RADU)?

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17th Jun 2015

Ah ok. I see your other comments and I guess you are limited since you don’t have HDMI. A Roku or Chromecast would make sense.

I am not familiar with Airplay but this could work http://smile.amazon.com/Sabrent-Receiver-Supports-Portable-WF-RADU/dp/B00L26YDA4

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6th Nov 2015

I have 2… Hella 500s on the front

the second is one of these… way better than any bluetooth audio systems I’ve tried.

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2nd Jan 2016

right, however i think portable airplay receivers exist that might make this doable.

just searched on amazon and they apparently do!


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21st Jun 2015

AirPlay requires Wi-Fi. So you have to be able to at least connect it to a TV long enough to enter in a password and find the network. So… probably won’t work in this situation.

Here are some alternatives I just found:




I haven’t used them, but it does look like what you’re looking for exists.

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11th Jun 2016

Ok, think I found something….

What if I hooked this up to a pair of speakers?

It seems to…

  1. get a wifi signal from any pc (or smartphone)
  2. send the audio signal to speakers

and you can connect as many as you need to the wifi, which bypasses both of bluetooth’s limitations.