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Rybozen USB 3.0 Switch Selector, 2 in 4 Output Sharing Peripheral Switcher Box, 2 Computer Share 4 USB Devices for Mouse Keyboard Scanner Printer PC, with One Button Swapping and 2 Pack USB 3.0 Cable?

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29th Jul 2021

I have a desktop and a work laptop, 1 monitor, keyboard and mouse (both USB).

I connect the keyboard and mouse to the km switch via USB to USB cables. I then connect my desktop to the km switch via USB to USB cable. I do the same with my laptop. I have a HDMI lead from monitor to desktop and another HDMI lead from monitor to laptop. There is a button on the km switch that switches the keyboard and mouse from laptop and the desktop.

You may have different ports on your laptop, in which case you get a cable that converts from the inputs.

You can also use a kvm switch (keyboard, video and mouse). With this switch you plug your keyboard, monitor and mouse into the kvm switch and it will share these 3 devices with your laptop and desktop. You will need to plug your laptop and desktop into the switch as well.

There is a connection diagram here…


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21st Aug 2020

I bought one of these to flick between my work laptop and home desktop easily.

The button is a soft momentary switch, causing the device to switch outputs. I’d suspect you can wire up an esp module or something to trigger it.

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22nd Sep 2021


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