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RuggedTec StrapSound Rugged Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Small Portable Outdoor Bike Strap Anywhere Speaker, Black?

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20th Apr 2015


I was given this one, and I like it a lot. It comes with a rubber strap so you can attach it anywhere you want on the frame, loud enough to hear, water resistant enough that I’m not worried about it getting a bit wet, and it feels like a well made product. I like using it more on shared trails and greenways over the road, it lets people know you’re coming and you can listen to music while not losing your ability to hear what else is going on around you

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3rd Oct 2015

my wife got me this one; http://www.amazon.mk/RuggedTec-StrapSound-Resistant-Bluetooth-Portable/dp/B00IKKQKWE

It works well, battery lasts a decent while, you can mount it most places. As for the haters- fuck em, do what you want. I do think it is dangerous to wear headphones as it takes you out of the environment you are riding in, the speakers still allows you to hear whats around you.