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Rubbermaid Commercial Height Adjusting Tilting Footrest, 18 1/8 x 14 1/4 x 4 1/8-6 5/8, Charcoal?

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30th Nov 2018

Generally solutions are to raise the floor to be under your feet or lower the keyboard/chair so you can rest with your feet on the floor.

The target posture you’re going for should have your hips slightly above your knees with the keyboard just under your elbow height.

A height adjustable footrest can raise the floor up to the right height (here’s an arbitrary amazon one: https://www.amazon.com/Rubbermaid-Commercial-4653-Adjusting-Footrest/dp/B00006IAHM) However, that will mean you can only put your feet on the footrest or the base of the chair… you don’t have a lot of room to “fidget.” More ideally, you’d be able to lower the desk or add a keyboard tray so that you can have your feet on the ground AND the keyboard at the right height.