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19th Mar 2017

Did you just insult me personally. Well I cant believe someone can be so stupid. Read my comment again. Ross cant break up with women he is not in a relationship with. its not like he ditched them. the teeth girl left him and the lady shirt girl made a disgusting face at him. For god sakes it was the 90’s. He did the right thing by not hanging around her and embarrassing her. Now Yeah sure Rachel was a great warm person when she tried to tell Ross that she still loved him when he was trying to fix his marriage. Instead what she would actually do was ruin his marriage by conflicting his feelings. You say that as a guy Ross does not care about other girls. But what Rachel did with other guys was very warm. Don’t guys have feelings(hypocrisy at its best). Or you femi nazis are completely blind to a guys feelings.

Oh and he just said that he thinks about the future. Believe me a girl likes it when a guy envisions them together. If Rachel wanted to give her input on those plans she should have. He did not tape her mouth shut. Maybe you never dated but “Where is this Going” Is a big question after a certain amount of time. Plus for Ross he finally was having a relationship with his high school love. So yeah he can think about it.

Yes Ross Became Al-Qaeda and set fire to Paolos plane. So sad. Boo-Hoo. He told chandler because it was the right thing to do. Also Chandler knew that his mom was at fault there and forgave Ross.

Yes Ross is a racist as i told you so he married Emily To torture her and make racial slurs at his wife for the rest of his life.

No You are a hundred percent correct. phoebe should not have told Rachel and let him date her while he hit on other people. Even when he physically gropes other women’s asses.

Maybe you fell off your bassinet when you were 2 months old. I take it that you don’t have any children. Well I do. thanks for wishing that I never have any. Really Tells me a lot about you. A child cannot even turn over on its back at that age. Their muscles are not yet developed. Plus as I mentioned in my earlier comment if Emma woke up or started crying it would be different. And it was not for 24 hours but rather for 10-15 mins max.

I said Ross changed the diapers of Emma till they got a nanny. Which they do when they still live at Ross’s apartment. Thats still for 3 whole months. Rachel was a terrible mother but still Ross supported her through that and gave her confidence.

And I never used the word permission. If they did not have Emma and Rachel got a job then sure she can go. But since they have joint custody she should ask Ross in private if it would be fine with him. gosh you feminazis take anything out of context and pin it on men. Oh I watched the finale. And believe me it was a sitcom. “sitcom” means situational comedies. If they dont joke around then there would be no series. And I see at the end you ran out of stupid things to say thats why you started blaming their acting. Lol.

And yeah I am a feminist and believe in equality. So Civil rights was pretty big for me.

Edit: I just saw you eat cat food.Wow that explains it. Sorry to bother you. I did not know that.

Ps~ I feed mine Royal Canin Persian if you intrested