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Rowenta IS9100 Precision Valet Commercial Full Size Garment Steamer with Retractable Cord and Variable Steam 1550 Watt, Grey Purple?

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24th Aug 2016

This is the one I have. For some reason Amazon says its 800$ but I most certainly got it on sale for like 150$ (and the original price was like $300ish, definitely not 800!) Anyways, its fantastic. No complaints!

Edit: I think I maybe have the older version? Looks exactly the same, no different functionalities apparently.

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7th Oct 2018

I got this one at Target originally (I think).

  1. Way faster than ironing.
  2. I also have a travel iron that takes for.ev.er to heat up and never actually steams my clothes well.
  3. I originally bought this for my clothing resale stuff, so I’ve used it on a ton of different fabrics and never had a problem.
  4. I’m 5’3 and it’s taller than me, for sure lol
  5. Just surprised at how quickly it heats up and how well it works!
  6. I hate ironing with a fiery passion. This is so much better.