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Rosewill RGB80 16.8Million Colors Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

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6th Aug 2017

same keyboard is $50 on Amazon new

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22nd Jan 2017

Are you looking for a 10-key pad or would you not miss it?

This was my first mechanical keyboard. Blue switches, really solid build quality. Keys felt good, and for the price it really impressed me. The space bar can be a bit finicky since the switch is on the middle and the springbar inside is kinda iffy, but one minor problem for the price it is isn’t bad.

I know you said you wanted to like corsair, but I would try the Corsair K70 if you can. It’s what I have now (with red switches) and I love it. That said, I don’t recall if it comes in blue with RGB.

This isn’t RGB but it is blue switches on a K70

I recommend investing in this If you don’t have a specialized store (like a Micro Center) near you that’ll have a display with multiple switches. That way you can test which one you like best and make a decision from that.