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Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switch (RK-9000V2 RE)?

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12th Apr 2018

My keyboard was only $75 and I had $50 in amazon gift cards. If you don’t get one with tons of fancy lights and shit they aren’t hundreds of bucks. They won’t make you a game god or anything, but they are quite nice IMO. If it was much more expensive, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it tbh.

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24th Apr 2018
  1. Whole WIKi on the right side of the page with recommended boards.

  2. Just a quick search on Amazon on “Cherry MX red 104” brings up a bunch. The Rosewill is in your price range


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24th Apr 2018

im looking for an affordable (below 100€ preferably) keyboard for work.
Things the KB should have/ not have:

  • Silent switches (i was thinking of red/silent red)

  • No gamery look

  • Full size (like my numpad)

  • Wrist rest would be great becaue ill spend most of my day on my pc

Im ok with RGB, but it shouldn’t be the focus of the keyboard ( not cheap out on something just for dat rgb)

ive looked at the cooler master quickfire XT but thats like 130€ in germany so kinda out of my budget

the ducky zero is also in that price range

the only thing thats in my price range and has most of the things id like it to have would be the Rosevwill RK-9000V2 BR but thats not available in Germany.

i could order it on amazon.com but id like to stay locally for shipping/ warranty reasons

do you guys have any other keyboards in mind that i might have overlooked?

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4th Sep 2016

UPDATE: Most of the keyboard is working, except for the M key, which I tried to pry off in my last uninformed attempt to fix it. All of the latex is gone, I tested the keyboard on my PC, it works, but a few months ago I tried to pry off the M key, not knowing it was soldered on, and now is unresponsive. What do I do now? Everything is fine except for that one key, Should I sell it and save for another keyboard? This is the keyboard btw.

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14th Jun 2015

Are Cherry MX Reds a bad choice for 100% typing?

I live in my own room, but on the same floor as two housemates with thin walls in betwen (we can hear eachothers alarms go off in the morning), so I don’t want to annoy them too much. Therefore, I thought I’d go for the Cherry MX Reds. The more I lurk here, the more I realize that people like blues for typing and reds for gaming… I don’t game. I’m an english major, and type a lot every day. I don’t want browns because I’ve seen a lot of negative response to them, and frankly even the positives of them aren’t that appealing to me. I just want keys that are a pleasure to type on for multiple hours at a time. Also, I’m too cheap to buy a test kit and have no access to transportation (to get to stores), so my opinions are limited to internet strangers.

If it makes a difference, I’ll be using the Rosewill RZK9000V2.

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16th Jun 2019

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28th Oct 2019

It’s a basic Rosewill (Newegg’s brand) mechanical with brown switches and a key cap set I got on wasdkeyboards.com.

I originally wanted to buy WASD’s version of this keyboard (plain 104 key mechanical with no LEDs or frills) but it was pricier, and I leave it at the office at all times so I decided to try the cheaper brand just got the key caps I wanted and swapped em out. I’ve been happy with it! Had it for 3 years or so with no issues.

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4th Apr 2018

Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switch (RK-9000V2 RE) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UBQZPXK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_tlvXAb0S75CCN

I am happy with this one

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27th Feb 2017

Are you dead-set on mechanical? If not, I recommend the Logitech g105. I’ve switched to it from a mechanical because I like it a lot. It’s pretty cheap, too. I’ve had it for a while now and not a single thing has gone wrong. Convenient macro-keys, windows key disable function, backlit keys (no rgb here, sorry).

If you want mechanical check out this. Rosewill isn’t a much-talked about brand (as far as I’ve seen on here) and it won’t disappoint. Definitely worth looking at.