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Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB LED Glow Backlit Computer Mechanical Switch Keyboard for PC, Laptop, Mac, Software Customizable – Professional Gaming Blue Mechanical Switch?

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8th Nov 2020

Check out r/mechanicalkeyboards for some deeper insight into the world of keebs but the sound is only the beginning. There is a definite difference in tactile feedback amongst different different keebs. Anything from very smooth, to cushioned, to snappy. Different keebs will have different sound levels and even lengths of travel. You know how people really get into video games? Theres a whole subculture of pc users who build and customize every facet of their boards. Im definently a beginner but i would say that not only are mechanical keyboards more satisfying to use they also improve accuracy of keystrokes. Using my wifes laptop keyboard with the nearly flat keys is a nightmare now that Ive spent so much time on my clickety clackety keyboard. Cherry MX blue switches seem to be the standard for mechanical keyboards with blues being the noisier option but also the funnest for me personally. It feels like im typing on an old school typewriter not just sounds like it but feels like too. Theres different color switches to represent different sound and tactile experiences and several different popular brands of switches. They do tend to be a little pricier but also longer lasting and almost unlimited in options.

This is a similar keyboard to the one I have for a very reasonable price only difference being rgb leds instead blue leds and k81 switches instead of Cherry MX.

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27th Nov 2019

Also found on Amazon for the same price with prime shipping – Link

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16th Aug 2018

Is there anything comparable to this or better with LED backlit with decent keys for a beginner you recommend, full-size keyboard? Or for $25 use this for now, and upgrade when I see something else pop up?

I see this one for just under $40 with coupon: https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-Mechanical-Keyboard-RGB-Customizable/dp/B07DGM2CHZ

This one also for around $30: https://www.amazon.com/Tronsmart-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches-Computer/dp/B07FQ2FYS2

Sorry if it appears I am only picking RGB, not the case, because I sometimes work in the dark at night, it helps to have the LED backlit.