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20th May 2018

Flew to LA to work during the week and stumbled into an AB store called Shibuyala! Decent sized store that even sold Hada Labo, Kikumasamune, lots of facial masks, Biore and Skin Aqua sunscreens. What caught me off guard was a vitamin vape pen.

I digress, all the products were in Japanese. But the staff was super informative. One of them had the same skin type as me and she briefly shared her skincare journey with me since I asked her a few questions. She recommended that I should keep my products at a minimal because I have combination skin, and told me about her “HG” toner and moisturizer she always goes back to after she tries on different products, especially ones her skin might not agree with.

I ended up buying both and a facial cleanser she recommended specifically for me. She also told me about how it’s hard for them to import products that have green tea in them overseas due to some sort of regulation. Didn’t find any specific sources on this comment, but I did look more into FDA regulations on cosmetic imports.

After using the products for a few days, my cheeks cleared up and I have an even skintone now, minus a hyper-pigmented blemish on my chin. I’m still working on my forehead. I’ve been over-hydrating and essentially layering too much for my face which caused some tiny red dots on my cheeks and some breakouts on my forehead. The products were good when I was repairing my moisture barrier, but because I never stopped using them, my skin became overwhelmed.

Skin type: Combination skin (oily forehead, dry cheeks and chin area), sensitive, acne prone


Rosette Cleansing Paste Acne Clear (blue one): This makes my face feel stripped/tight and I’m not a huge fan of the ingredients per cosdna. The Amazon description in English sounds awesome and it helps my face absorb my toner so well.

Freeplus Moist Care Lotion 1: I could only find Lotion 2 ingredients, which is similar but a bit stronger. The lady said I should start with 1 first, then transition to 2 later. Recommended using a cotton pad and making sure a small center of it is soaked, instead of patting because hands usually absorb the product. She used to use the pat method too, but realized a cotton pad was better.

Freeplus Moist Care Emulsion 1: Very light moisturizer and also has squalene! Apparently the combination of the two products is what makes them effective 100%. She told me to only use this as moisturizer, but that leaves my skin too dry so I need a second one.

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen – only AM

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