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Room Heater Indoor Use – 1500W Quiet Fast-Heating Small Indoor Heater Space Heater for Large Room Heating w/ Thermostat, 3 Modes, Tip Over & Overheat Protection, Portable Indoor Heater Fan Ideal for Personal Home, Bedroom, Office, Under Desk Indoor Use?

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9th Apr 2021

Alright, just got to break. Lol but to answer your questions, I’m in the northern hemisphere of WI in the US, I don’t have exact Temps as I work midnights and I can’t recall of the top of my head what the lows were for the nights. The problem is that moving in with my gf and her parents they have a huge house with a really nice furnished basement so it’s a nice living space it just gets colder, we usually keep it thermostat at 68-70 as I have a crested gecko too and that’s a good night temp for her. I’m keeping a dictator/emperor scorpion, it was listed as a dictator but from my understanding the pet store sometimes labels emperors as dictators so I’m not sure exactly what species it is. But I was going for the 80-85 range with a humidity of 85. It was working until I got a 25w bulb to try to help the humidity and that’s what exploded.

Now my question is what type of space heater and would you happen to have a link as to what that set up would look like? Cause when you say space heater I’m thinking something like this.

As for the discord feel free to send link I’ll be happy to join.