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rolls Accordion Accessory (HA43PRO) , Black?

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15th Mar 2017

No problem! This might be what you’re looking for – though I can’t speak for the brand or the product itself as I’ve never used it or even actually owned an amp that uses RCA inputs. I’m pretty sure that’s RCA in on the back of it in the pictures…

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29th Jan 2015

Buy this and then whatever you’re running your audio from to the TV (via RCA cable) you can unplug from the TV and into the back of the headphone amp. Then each channel has it’s own level control so the listener can choose what level they want to listen to.

The headphone extensions will then give you the extra length.

If you happen to just be running audio straight from your TV then just run the audio out of the audio jack into the back of the headphone amp and then do the same as above.

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16th Aug 2016

I use this $50 Rolls. It’s all metal and sits well at the top of my rack, sounds great, plenty of gain.

EDIT: Amazon link