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Rohto Mentholatum MELANO CC Anti Spot Essence Acne Freckles Treatment 20ml Japan?

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29th Mar 2021

>Melano CC

This one is what I use. The other products probably compliment the spot treatment but the best seller is the one in the small silver tube. I plan on trying out the toner soon but I don’t think any of the other creams, toners, wash, etc are meant to replace or be an alternative to the spot treatment.
I should clarify that the “spot treatment” on the label refers to age spots and “spot treatment” in my original reply is how I use the product (by rubbing it into problem areas).

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18th Jan 2021


Seller is the real Mentholatum company in the US (the original parent company of Rohto) and shipped from their warehouse in OH. I just purchased it last month.