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ROCKURWOK 8-Piece Pots and Pans Set, Nonstick Nesting Cookware Sets, RV Cookware for Campers with 2 Removable Handles, Dishwasher Safe, Red?

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22nd Jul 2020

The set was similar to this https://www.amazon.com/ROCKURWOK-Nonstick-Cookware-Removable-Stainless/dp/B07TYKGQBV/ref=sr_1_4 I also have a larger, soup pot that I took from an old set I had. Honestly, get yourself an inexpensive set from Walmart. If you’re not cooking over a wood fire, you don’t need anything special, but non-stick is quite handy for clean up. I just like the removable handle option.

Utensil set. I just took extra from home. I do have a collapsible strainer made by Squish and a couple collapsible bowls by the same company. Cooking utensils are just plastic. Again, if over a camp stove, you can use what you use at home. I even have a wooden spoon in my set. I also have long, metal tongs and don’t forget the marshmallow sticks. Mine are metal, wood handle, collapsible sticks.

Dirty dishes. Most of the time, there is potable water at the campgrounds I go to however, if not, we bring water and I’m always near a lake or river or I’m not camping. Fill your big pot with water and heat, add some dish soap and use that to wash. I always scrape dishes and pans of most of the food residue. Rinse with fresh water, lake water, river water. There are collapsible wash basins/sinks/buckets you can get that are handy and pack small.

Now, cooking over the fire, different story. I recommend well seasoned cast iron. With my back issues and RA, bending over the fire to cook isn’t really feasible for me so I use a propane, 2 burner, Coleman Stove.

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24th Sep 2021

It looks like one of those pan sets that has removable handles to save storage space or whatever.

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