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ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro Tenkeyless Linear Optical Titan Switch PC Gaming Keyboard with Per-key AIMO RGB Lighting, Anodized Aluminum Top Plate, and Detachable USB-C Cable, Black?

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6th Dec 2020

Amazon.com: Vulcan Pro Optical RGB Gaming Keyboard: Electronics there’s this one by roccat, but not exactly a low profile keyboard, despite having low profile keycaps.

Amazon.com: Alienware Low-Profile RGB Gaming Keyboard AW510K: Alienfx Per Key RGB LED – Media CONTROLS & USB Passthrough – Cherry MX Low Profile Red Switches: Electronics

Alienware makes a low profile keyboard, but unfortunately it is not optical switches.

Kailh’s choc v2 of low profile optical switches has the + stem mount, which should make it more universal…might want to look for those on a keyboard, or maybe build a keyboard using them…should give you more keycap flexibility.