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ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard, RGB Lighting, USB Wired Tactile Computer Wrist Rest, Silent, Per Key LED Illumination, Brown Switches, Aluminum Top Plate, Silver?

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6th Jul 2020

I recommend the Glorious GMMK with Gateron Brown switches.


It has full RGB, hotswap sockets, costs well under $150, and can be ordered however you want it. No soldering required.

If you do the custom order option, I recommend Gateron Brown switches, and I also recommend skipping on the keycaps and going onto Amazon to buy a PBT set from HyperX or Razer (whichever you like the look of more.)

This keyboard does not come with a wrist rest, but that’s actually a good thing. Most “integrated” wrist rests are way too thin. You have to let your wrists sag in order to come in contact with the rest, which can actually make things more uncomfortable. Glorious Gaming sells an extra thick Glorious Padded Rest Rest separately https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/glorious-padded-keyboard-wrist-rest-stealth-edition?variant=7728489037882
Make no mistake, the GMMK is not a perfect keyboard. The RGB and key remapping software isn’t the most… impressive, but good RGB is hard to come by.
With a $100 keyboard, $25 wrist rest, and $25 keycaps (these are USA prices), this might be right at your price range. Unfortunately, I have no idea about the pricing in Canada.


My secondary recommendation is the Roccat Vulcan 100 aimo. From a look’s perspective, this is among my favorite keyboards of all time, and is definitely my favorite from the big name gaming manufacturers. The price tag (in the US) is pretty nasty. On Amazon the price will jump between $110 and $150 (USA pricing) every half month, and unfortunately we’re in the expensive half of July now. The 100, like the GMMK, doesn’t come with a wrist rest. The Vulcan 120 does come with a wrist rest, but it is too thin to do any good. As before, I would recommend that you buy the Glorious padded wrist rest to keep
your wrists level. The problem with the Vulcan is, you have to buy the entire keyboard just to get the RGB effects and the keycaps (wait, that’s my problem, not a problem with the board!)


Finally, as a fallback option, there’s the HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard. HyperX is fantastic because they have fair, steady pricings on their keyboards and are probably the best option for your in terms of shipping availability. HyperX’s “aqua” switch is a brown switch but just colored differently. The unfortunate parts of the HyperX board are that it does not have hotswap switches like the GMMK, the software it works with is supposedly pretty bad, and as I’ve said twice now, you’ll need to pick up the extra thick wrist rest separately.

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12th Aug 2020

Copy of this Vulcan 100 Aimo.

Wouldn’t be surprised if these keycaps are pretty weak structurally.