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RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK918 Wired Mechanical Keyboard, RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Large LED Sorrounding Side Lamp, Full Size 108 Keys Mechanical 100% Anti-Ghosting Computer Keyboard, Red Switch Black?

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9th Aug 2021

Hey, I hope nobody minds if I revive this slightly old topic – OP never reported back if they found it or not so I thought I’d pitch in for the sake of enriching accessibility to future Googlers dealing with the same problem, and maybe OP if they never figured it out during this time.

So according to the official(?) RK Royal Kludge Amazon store product page for the RK918, the link to download the software is at bit.ly/RK918SO. Bizarrely, this links to a Google drive page where you can download the company’s shared file.. Uh, doesn’t this seem very shady? Bizarrely, Royal Kludge even already has a dedicated website for software downloads. But the 918 isn’t even listed on there! Why? The RK918 is decently new, even – it’s not like it’s so out of date that the software should be hard to find.

I downloaded the software from the shady google drive link and it seems fine, though. But bizarrely I can’t manually change the color of the LED rim around the keyboard with this software. I contacted them to ask if that was on purpose or not.. I don’t really see why it would be though. If the rim can do a rainbow effect (it can) it should be able to function just as the backlight in having a full spectrum of RGB choices. Really, really bizarre.