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RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK100 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Bluetooth5.1/2.4G/Wired 96% Full Size 100-Key Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard with PBT Keycaps, Red Switch for Mac Windows, Carbon?

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30th Jul 2021

What about something like this. It has hot swap switches so u can change the switches whenever.

Predominantly use solidworks (I work from home now). I use a “Royal Kludge RK100” for work. Needed a compact one with a number pad that was also cheap. I’m measuring stuff a lot and it gets pretty banged up.


The 2.4ghz dongle range is so so, the bluetooth range is about 20ft, great for when I’m 3d scanning crap.

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30th Aug 2021

What about something like this